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Free to BE. 

Free to LOVE.

Free to EXPRESS.


I started Chaotic Complexion 6 years ago as a way to channel my creativity on Social Media. Having graduated from CMU, Toronto's Top Makeup Design College, I became a professional Makeup Artist in the pursuit of honing in on what makes me come ALIVE: Body painting (first & foremost), Film/Glamour Makeup & Special Effects.

I have worked for 2 small cosmetic based businesses in the hub of Downtown Burlington, ON and am a huge advocate of supporting local and creating authentic connections with brilliant makers through social networking & from various handmade shows across the GTA. I am always looking to be inspired by people and getting to know their success stories and obstacles it took to get there.

My products have been tried & tested for the past few years and though I have been through many failed attempts, it's important to acknowledge those tiny victories as well. Simply put, I would not be selling you a product that I don't 100% believe in or use on a daily basis. It took a whole load of determination to get to this point and I am excited to be on this wild ride and launch a brand that I've been dreaming of for so long! 


 Made exclusively for humankind with the emphasis on being All inclusive, 100% Cruelty free & Vegan friendly. 


When you tap into your inner chaos, your inner creativity, that is when you unleash the boundless stream of beauty within! This is only just the beginning...

Welcome to your NEW Haven.

Welcome to Chaotic Complexion

XO, Talia (She/Her)

Creator. Dreamer. Agent of Chaos.

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